I had been dreading to have a molar extracted due to an experience many years ago and today, I know I wasted a lot of nervous energy. Dr. Johnson pulled the tooth yesterday using only local anesthesia at my request. He ordered pain pills and I did take one when the numbness was leaving shortly after getting home around noon and have put the rest away-don’t need them. There has not been any actual pain and I feel perfectly normal. My sincere thanks to you, Dr. Johnson and your assistant for an experience that cured my dread and should I ever need another you will hear from me.

- Marty

I just wanted to thank everyone for being so helpful when I had my wisdom teeth removed. The Doctors and staff were very patient and kind in answering all my questions. Just can’t thank you enough! :)

- Joanna

I was referred to Dr. Johnson to have my wisdom teeth extracted about 4 years ago. I was very nervous about the procedure due to my fear of needles and anything dental related. The thought of being sedated was a little overwhelming for me. On the day of surgery the scariest part for me was starting the IV and I really didn’t even feel it. I do not remember anything during surgery and am pleased to say after following his very detailed instructions for at home care I had very little pain or discomfort. During this whole experience, I discovered how interesting dentistry was. As soon as I got home I researched how to become a dental assistant and long story short, I got the amazing opportunity to start working for him less than a year later. I have had the privilege to have him as my personal dentist and teacher. I had the chance to work for him for about 2 years before having to move for my husbands job. I never would have thought that going to the dentist would end in a career choice. I can honestly say he is a great Doctor and I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

- Linda

Having my wisdom teeth extracted was a wonderful experience!  I was so nervous going in there, but Dr. Johnson and staff were so great and made me feel at ease!  When everything was over, I was in no pain and he made sure I was happy and without pain.  It was a wonderful experience all around!

- Magen

I had a great experience with Dr. Johnson.  I have extreme anxiety about going to the dentist, and Dr. Johnson and his assistant did a great job of making me feel comfortable.  I would recommend going here to anyone!

- Anonymous

Terrified and anxious were the emotions I felt prior to having my dental procedure. Nevertheless, the experience I received at Bourland-Soben Dentistry far exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them. The staff was courteous and made me feel at ease. Dr. Johnson’s professionalism, knowledge and attentiveness turned a frightening experience into a pleasant and memorable one. My mouth cannot thank you enough.

- Sidd