Pre-operative Instructions

It is extremely important that you follow these instructions prior to your appointment for surgery.


  1. No food or drink within six (6) hours of your appointment

    If your appointment is in the morning, do not have anything to eat or drink from midnight the night prior to your appointment day. If your appointment is in the afternoon, you should have a light breakfast in the morning, as long as you finish your meal six (6) hours prior to your appointment. A small amount of water may be used to take any necessary medications. Unless specified by your dentist, all medicines taken on a routine basis should be continued without interruption.

  2. Wear short sleeves for your appointment

    Short sleeves are necessary for IV access. Wear comfortable shoes that are easy to walk in and remove glasses and contact lenses. Please do not wear dark nail polish nor acrylic nails.

  3. Do not eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice the day of surgery

    This fruit has been shown to affect the metabolism of many medications, increasing the risk of toxicity and adverse effects.

  4. If pregnancy is suspected, procedure should be cancelled

    Sedation medications can affect the unborn child.

  5. NO alcohol the day before or after surgery
  6. NO driving the day of your appointment

    You will be sedated during your appointment. A responsible adult (18 years or older) needs to drive you to the appt, stay in the building, and drive you home. Post-operative instructions will be given to the driver.

  7. If you have any questions concerning any of the instructions above, please call the office

    We will be happy to answer any questions you have to help ensure you have a successful appointment. If you are not able to follow these instructions we will not be able to administer sedation or complete the planned treatment.

Having my wisdom teeth extracted was a wonderful experience!  I was so nervous going in there, but Dr. Johnson and staff were so great and made me feel at ease!  When everything was over, I was in no pain and he made sure I was happy and without pain.  It was a wonderful experience all around!

- Magen