Q: How do I get started?

A: The first step is to review the Program Manual on this site.  You can print the pages and put them in a three ring binder to act as a reference for the staff.  Call Dr. Johnson if you have any questions. Then, begin sending panos and health hx’s to Dr. Johnson’s email.  He will review them quickly and let you know about scheduling.

Q: How do we bill the patient?

A: You can use your office fee schedule or the recommended fees located in the manual.  Most procedures are billed as complete bony impactions and are paid between 50-80% by insurance companies.  It is recommended to pre-estimate what the patient’s insurance will pay before scheduling.

Q: What is the average fee for the procedure?

A: The average fee is $1800-2200 for 4 impactions and IV sedation.

Q: How many patients can be seen per day?

A: An ideal schedule would be 8-12 patients per day using 2 operatories and 2 assistants. The average case takes about 15-25 minutes of Doctor time to complete. The additional time is used to greet the patient and parent, answer questions, start the IV, review post op instructions, complete progress notes, and prepare the operatory for the next patient.

Q: Is there a minimum number of patients required per day?

A: Yes, try to schedule at least 4 confirmed patients. Dr. Johnson can schedule for half day in two offices, morning and afternoon. The maximum number of patients per day is 12-15, depending on operatories and support staff.

Q: Is IV sedation safe?

A: IV sedation is extremely safe when properly administered. Case selection and titration of drugs is very important. Titration of drugs for healthy patients allows the anesthetic to reach a light level of sedation. The patient will be comfortable, relaxed, and in a dream-like state. If necessary, the sedation can be reversed quickly with antagonistic drugs through the IV line.

Q.  Do I need to provide an assistant?

A. An assistant provided by the office for each operatory is preferred, especially for more long-distance locations.  However, please discuss with Dr. Johnson if you need him to bring his own assistant.

Q: Does Dr. Johnson have malpractice insurance?

A: Yes. Dr. Johnson is covered for 2 million and 5 million.

Q: Is Dr. Johnson an oral surgeon?

A: No.  Dr. Johnson is a general dentist that was trained in a one-year AEGD residency program in which he became proficient in IV Sedation and 3rd molar removal.  His practice is limited to IV sedation, third molar removal, and implants. He has removed thousands of impactions under IV sedation since 2005. He has an IV sedation permit for Level 3 Moderate Sedation and maintains ACLS certification.

Q: Does Dr. Johnson provide other Oral Surgery services such as extractions and bone grafts?

A: Dr. Johnson can provide multiple extraction and bone graft services on a case-by-case basis.  However, these are considered adjunct services to the main Abilene Wisdom Teeth program.

Program Manual

Terrified and anxious were the emotions I felt prior to having my dental procedure. Nevertheless, the experience I received at Bourland-Soben Dentistry far exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them. The staff was courteous and made me feel at ease. Dr. Johnson’s professionalism, knowledge and attentiveness turned a frightening experience into a pleasant and memorable one. My mouth cannot thank you enough.

- Sidd