Program Benefits

Instituting the Abilene Wisdom Teeth program into your practice has many benefits for your patients and your office.  Some of those benefits include:

  • Patients love to not have to leave your office for the dentistry.

  • Early 3rd molar removal minimizes serious future iatrogenic injury.
  • Keeping these services in-house greatly increases the office profit margin.
  • Incorporating these services into your marketing plan will bring more new patients.

  • The increased production will raise the overall value of your practice.
  • If you are not removing third molars early, your patients will likely have problems later.

  • Even if they erupt normally (very rare), third molars are difficult to clean leading to disease and pain.

  • Retained third molars can develop cysts, tumors, and other pathology.

  • Pericorinitis can be extremely painful.

  • Removal of third molars without sedation is very uncomfortable.

  • Insurance often covers these procedures.

  • The program requires minimal extra work (mostly staff-related).
  • I will bring my own monitors, instruments, and equipment.

  • My liability insurance will cover me at your office.

  • I am ACLS certified.

  • I will review each patient pano/health hx for case selection at no charge.  Very few cases will need to be referred.

  • I love removing third molars and I am proficient at it.

Program Manual

I just wanted to thank everyone for being so helpful when I had my wisdom teeth removed. The Doctors and staff were very patient and kind in answering all my questions. Just can’t thank you enough! :)

- Joanna